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In their health-Health Dr. David Store
Here you will only find nutritional specialties from purely natural raw materials.

natural Vitamins

Concentrated sources of nutrients from organic farming

natural Oxygen

Natural minerals and trace elements

Natural algae concentrates and many other products Our products are highly concentrated
In our recipes offer only basic natural substances of high quality and purity. We wish to do so that the ingredients are balanced in their composition and finely tuned to each other. The manufacture of our products is largely by hand.
The three main areas of health, Dr. David-Health Store

Healthy to enable a basic supply of essential nutrients.

To support patient during a medical therapy, with natural next effective nutrient-free specialties

To resolve problems, which are caused by nutrient deficiencies,

Medicinal supplies practical

Our advice

16,99 EUR
ANM New Medicine from USA ( 30 ml. )

ANM New Medicine from USA ( 30 ml. )

32,99 EUR

18,97 EUR
Healing drops for immune Cure of Church -of -monoatomic-gold :

Healing drops for immune Cure of...

21,46 EUR
Organic Germanium GE 132: 99,999% Powder White (5 grams)

Organic Germanium GE 132: 99,999%...

21,99 EUR
Monoatomic White Powder Gold

Monoatomic White Powder Gold

19,99 EUR
Monoatomic Rose Gold Powder

Monoatomic Rose Gold Powder

19,89 EUR
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