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New Medicine ANM from USA (30 ml.)

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by Professor h.c. of Paranormal Psychology Lampe

What is the ANM according to Professor of Paranormal Psychology Lampe?

The modern med. is aimed to explore the human body to supposedly heal it, when it is sick. As a matter of fact doing so is not enough. A reason for that is that in the process of enthusiastic exploration of new mechanic biochemical connections, the psyche and the brain where neglected in these studies.

This is similar to the time, when people neglected the Sun as a central celestial body of the system for dogmatic reasons and considered the orbits of the planets as spiral orbits around the Earth– which not only made no real sense but was also very difficult to calculate. Only since Galilei rediscovered the Sun as the celestial body of our planetary system, the planet ways are considered indeed the spiral orbits around the Sun.

While defining their diagnosis and the therapy the physicians of the former centuries or even millenniums placed the psychical connections in the focus of their considerations. At those times they where not able of course to ground their findings with the sufficient knowledge in anatomy, physics or biochemistry. They collected their findings mostly psycho-intuitively, which is today seen as improper.

Both views are incomplete, because both views more or less paid no attention to the human brain. Nevertheless the psycho-intuitive approach was closer to the truth once we compare it with the terrible outcomes of the purely organic medicine. On the other hand it is not possible to reach a synopsis without considering the entire organic field.

It is a fact that separation between psyche, brain and the organ does not really work since, this is a synchronically functioning triad: Psyche – Brain – Organ.

All processes of psyche and organs are connected through the brain and are also coordinated by the brain. The brain is quasi the big computer of our organism, the psyche is the programmer and body and psyche together are the success organ of the computer – equally at optimal programming or at disorders of the programming. It is not only that the psyche programs the brain and the organs, it is also that the organs are able to program the brain or the psyche for example in cases of injuries or fractures. If we want to understand the five biological nature laws of the ANM of Professor of Paranormal Psychology Lampe it is important that we are aware of this ongoing interplay between the psyche, the brain, the organs and the entire organism.

Besides the ANM of Professor h.c. of Paranormal Psychology Lampe does not only include the relation of psyche, brain and organs, it also explains why the several relay centers of the brain are located where there located.

Moreover it also includes another coordination circle which explains the behavior and conflict pattern in bigger entities like families, clans or packs and the synopsis for the cohabit with other races, creatures or species in the cosmic space.

The ANM of Professor h.c. of Paranormal Psychology Lampe is an empirically natural science. It is based on the art of revitalization and the synchronization of the right and the left brain hemispheres.

By regular taking of the ANM of Professor h.c. of Paranormal Psychology Lampe, the unit of body-soul-mind will reach the next level of welbeing.

The product gives you strength and activates the self-healing powers. You will reach unknown strengths and it will help you handle sorrows, problems or diseases. Your self-healing powers will improve so much, that you will feel better every day.

Taking: Dissolve 5 – 6 drops in water or tea and drink it.

How did Professor h.c. of Paranormal Psychology Lampe come to his study?

During his search professor h.c. of Paranormal Psychology Lampe got familiar with many different kind of diagnose and treatment methods. This way was more or less a procedure of exclusion of what he did not want to do.

Professor h.c. of Paranormal Psychology Lampe also met many different people who broadened his perspective. He visited apprenticeships at shamans, people with in-born healing abilities, miracle healers and spirit healers. He learned to appreciate the meditation.

Finally Professor h.c. of Paranormal Psychology Lampe went to Burma to meet the alchemists and had experiences which seem incredible for the understanding of Europeans or western people but things that could be seen with human eyes. He experienced wonders; people came with complaints and asked the alchemists for their help. The latter took care of the ill people, gave them mysterious tinctures and many … very many ill people felt better after a short period of time or even recovered completely. Professor h.c. of Paranormal Psychology Lampe lived in Burma for seven years and learned the art of healing.

After returning to America he initiated studies to explore the several levels of healing. It took him two years, including many failed attempts, until the ANM of Professor h.c. of Paranormal Psychology Lampe finally could be produced meeting all foreseen requirements.

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